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Combat Fitness Sheds Fat Fast

Thank you for contacting East West Karate.

My name is Derek Frader owner of East West Karate and I look forward to helping you. I am a resident of Mesa, married with three children. Martial Arts is my passion and life because I have seen how the black belt life style can be so powerful and life changing for families. My school is in my community because I am dedicated in helping our kids become physically stronger, live with moral values and have the courage to stand up for what is good and right.

I am not sure if you are looking for lessons for yourself or for someone else but we offer classes for all ages and families.

Our school provides benefits from self defense, fitness, self confidence, respect, courtesy and a sense of belonging.

For those not familiar with how our school teaches these specific benefits we offer a trial lesson program. It will give us the opportunity to work with you or your child and show you exactly how we develop the benefits you are looking for. During these lessons we will also be teaching some basic blocking, kicking, punching skills and how to use those skills for self-defense only. Through these trial classes you will be able to see exactly what we will be teaching and at the same time the instructor will be evaluating your ability to continue training. They also give you a chance to meet our professional staff, see our amazing facililty and evaluate our classes.

The trial program includes 2 half hour classes with just you and the instructor and a FREE Karate uniform. The cost for the program is regular $29.95 however you can save $20 by enrolling online. There is no obligation to continue. These classes are made by appointment only.


If your child decides to continue, most students take two to three classes per week. The classes are arranged by level of ability and age group. However, you are getting a little ahead of yourself. You want to make sure you first take the trial lesson program - this gives you the opportunity to make sure this is something you OR your child will enjoy, you’ll have a chance to meet the instructor and he’ll have the chance to show you the value of our program and exactly what you will be getting for your money.


The style we teach at EAST WEST KARATE is a combination of Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga and Hyper or High Performance martial arts for our advance kids and teems. It is a combination of kicking skills and punching skills. What’s really nice about it - is it’s very practical for self-defense.

All styles are similar in that they use blocking, punching and kicking skills. What’s unique about our program is that not only do we teach very practical self-defense, but we also teach the mental benefits, in each class, in a way that’s easy to learn and fun for children. This is something you might strongly consider, because most styles are so similar - what’s really important and what can make all the difference in the world is not so much the style, but the program a school can offer you and the quality of instruction you or your child will receive. This is exactly why our school offers this trial lesson program - through this trial program you will have a chance to meet the instructor and see the quality of instruction our school has to offer. If you have any further questions about our style, I will be happy to answer them during the introductory phase.

There is absolutely no obligation to continue after these lesson but at least you will have a really good idea of what you should be looking for in a school.

Take the time to make a quality decision through our trial offer. Some parents don’t take the time to find a quality instructor to be a positive role model for their child. It’s kind of hard for you to judge the quality of a school over the telephone or reading a web page.

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