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Come Down and Try Out East West Karate Mesa! Ready for Some Fun Martial Arts Action and Combat Fitness proven to blast fat?

Do you or your kids love high flying action films with incredible stunts? Do you want to get into the best shape of your life while learning how to defend yourself? Well, martial arts classes may just be the thing you need. East West Karate of of Mesa, Arizona offers a wide range of martial arts classes.

We Love Diversity!

We here at East West Karate of Mesa don't cater to a specific group of people. This is not a boys club! Male and female students are welcome! We have male and female instructors that are highly trained and interested in teaching our students:

*Beginning and expert martial arts moves.
*Physical and mental conditioning.
*Learning the philosophy of each martial arts style.
*Teaching discipline in using their martial arts moves.

Adults are Welcome!

People often view martial arts classes as kid stuff. This is not the case: At East West Karate of Mesa we also offer classes to adults. We offer fitness kickboxing, a sport designed to keep you in great shape. Our adult karate classes are focused on getting you into shape while giving you the skills you need to defend yourself.

We also help train adults for MMA fighting. Our rigorous training will change you from a fan to a furious contender as you learn strikes, defensive postures as well as ground moves and holds. Karate is one of the backbones of MMA fighting and with our training you can become a competitor.

Help Promote Personal Improvement!

Our belief is that personal improvement is at two part process: physical and mental. Not only do we teach fun and exciting martial moves, promote better cardiovascular health in a variety of fun exercises we also teach our students real world lessons, incorporating philosophy and examples of appropriate martial arts use. Our students will know that:

*It's not okay to use martial arts to pick on people.
*Physical and mental health can be improved by regular exercise.
*Martial arts are only for defensive not aggressive purposes.
*Physical activeness is a whole lot of fun.

Check Out Our Other Activities!

We at East West Karate of Mesa don't just offer great and fun martial arts classes. We also offer a variety of fun family events that integrate you, your child and any other members of the family they want to attend. Our family events are centered around martial arts but are designed to include everybody who attends. These family events include:

*Movie nights where we watched kid friendly and family appropriate movies of all types.
*Buddy nights which allow your child to bring a buddy .
*We celebrate all major holidays with fun and exciting parties.
*Parents night out is a great way to entertain children while you enjoy a night out.
*Fun Challenges to test your child's skills and promote a fun, physically healthy lifestyle.

Our Professional Staff Keeps Our Students Needs in Mind at All Time!

Unlike some other martial arts training centers, we focus solely on purely professional and well trained martial artists. All of our staff have been trained to the limits of their physical ability and are kind, patient and simply love their job. We all feel lucky to have so much fun at work every day. Our fun is contagious.

Give us a call today at 480-218-7777 to schedule your personal tour of our facility and don't forget to ask about our new student specials!

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